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the street poetry in ntozake shange's multidiscipline dance song rap skit would sound a lot more convincing coming from the mouths of african american actors

while others state that people who are killed in arenas are just really angry with the living for some reason

they also discuss how to spend their free time a commodity often in short supply for working couples and how to decorate their house

perhaps that would help her understand that she should talk to me about a plan that includes me before implementing it

my vision clears to perceive halos of color around every living thing and the stillness of the granite becomes magnified

that's the night a crew will shoot scenes of the new philly skyline for a new movie by oscar winning director jonathan demme the silence of the lambs

brutally killing hookers and stabbing people to death by pressing buttons on a chunk of plastic or running around getting melanoma

a jewish convert so zealous that she had the chutzpah to publish a book telling us what the ten commandments really mean

tom arnold's attorney is asking that the beverly hills home and premarital earnings be excluded from their joint property even though there was no prenuptial agreement

there's no way around it today's culture fills our minds with hundreds of reasons to just go ahead and have sex outside of marriage

in an effort to engage students in a positive way and open communication between teens and parents on a somewhat touchy subject

tell him you believe him that he didn't do it and you're glad of that but you can't quite get out of your head that he considered it

critics on the right would be silenced and public service reform would not need to be diluted to satisfy liberal democrat politicking

is concerned that abstinence only sex education programs that promote virginity pledges may also promote a negative view of condoms and birth control

the same media that shows us the rewards and pleasures of sex should also be able to show us the consequences

the bill would amend the state constitution to include the definition so that judges or future legislators couldn't overturn it

every parent wants to be friends with their child but parents need to keep in mind that they are the responsible adult in this relationship

allocation of which parent will claim the child as a dependent for income tax purposes is often addressed in the parenting plan as well

selfish pig and you should dump her now and if you wanted to sit with her and ignore your brethren on the floor

it would be much more cost effective if we immunized all girls to prevent hpv related disease than if we also focused on immunizing boys

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