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if the only thing that will save my life is the touch of henry fonda's cool hand upon my fevered brow

the difference now is that harry wilson rob estes is taking up the post as new principal at west beverly hills high

usage of the world health organization classification system has been increasing that allows for data to be compared across studies

suffice it to say that a well placed word by mary's husband helps mary understand that the acronym for her group's original name might need rethinking

and the board's decision prompted a letter to the editor of the sault star from then health minister george smitherman

young fans gather near the stage in anticipation of free t shirts and other prizes during bob stock at riverside park on saturday night

find no evidence of substantial changes in sexual behaviour that would support the proposition that there is a new pervasive culture among contemporary college students

then he clarified that his views are in line with the teaching of the catholic church on all burning issues

as prior knowledge of increased risk of an affected child will influence the perinatal care and can significantly improve long term outcome

biblical courtship means that a man does not look for a laundry list of characteristics that comprise his fantasy woman so that is every desire can be fulfilled

over 60 tibetans died of self immolations protesting the chinese rule and calling for the return of the dalai lama from exile in india

all of this legal wrangling is an effort to get forensic psychiatrist park dietz to testify on valle's behalf at the trial

the fact that several religions are having contests to out breed each other does not bode well for our tired planet either

salt lake city utah has long been known as a bastion of red state conservatism with deep roots in the mormon faith

more lurid tales involving republican members of congress are said to be packaged and ready if the house moves toward impeaching clinton and democrats decide to retaliate

the internship is designed to give the student the real world experience and confidence to handle the clinical and spiritual problems they will encounter in their own practices

maybe we should deal more with the emotions and desires that growing up incurs instead of so much with the problem of sex

landlords and tenants have proved the effectiveness of making clear their separate property and its disposition at the end of property leases

royal north shore was the first australian hospital to establish daytime visiting rights for parents of sick children and provide play facilities in children's wards

of black children live with a mom and dad 'largely a result of marked increases in the number of never married black mothers

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