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as has been the case with several episcopal churches that broke with the denomination over the election an openly gay bishop

christian minorities may have become scapegoats and held to ransom for the 'crusade' declared by us president george w bush during the 'war on terror

the application did not contain enough information about this age group to make us comfortable to do the switch fully for those younger people

i know many people who were adopted and i know they are grateful of the life their birth mothers gave them

three of the couple's housekeepers were earlier arrested on suspicion of theft when items such as beckham's soccer shoes and his wife's designer clothes ended up on ebay

the word sex is taboo in indian society and there exist no sex education at home or at school making it an open experiment for youngsters attaining puberty

but when compared to the period between 1940 and 1960 it is clear that the rate of growth had slowed down somewhat

and the national institute for health and clinical excellence nice hopes that having kids learn about intimacy and relationships from a young age may bring down this rate

only 25 percent of those who were in their teens and 20s at the time say they felt they had much in common with festivalgoers

the point of asking that is more to give a feel for who comes from what industry backgrounds and are there similarities

their faith in god and the power of prayer appears nearly as strong as that of young people in earlier generations

religion role in politics was mostly a matter of something akin to tribal loyalty and protestants each supported their own

jerome mills founder of mills counseling services is a licensed professional counselor in la with an experience of more than 15 years in the field of individual

he believes the youth in africa have strayed from their faith in the lord and a strong devotion to their spouse

it will be at least a year and a half until construction starts on a barrier between smoldering at a suburban st

bringing forth a new generation of students who condemn evolution as heresy and see history as the march toward god's final judgmentthese schools seek not only to educate

officer injured in columbus shootout fitzgerald kearney make official ohio governor's race announcement kentucky jobless rate rises slightly to 8

you may need some inspiration for things going on in and around london that you could suggest as social activities

the divorce rate in africa is on the rise and many say the new traditions of modern day marriages are to blame

a person who requested a no fault divorce without the consent of his or her spouse had to wait five

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