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perhaps the most effective rhetorical strategy in opposing bachelorhood was to imagine the bachelor as a pathetic alien who could be redeemed only by marriage

i have witnessed first hand how western missionaries insistence on one man one wife has shamed african husbands and unnecessarily dismantled many african homes

although well over a century has passed since post reconstruction states used these measures to strip african americans of their most fundamental rights

learning to resolve problems can establish a pattern of honest communication that is very essential if the two of you do get married

a local factory manager who was already 62 years back then testified that he is a regular customer of the baby herbal soup

gulley and i told her she needed to feel free to say no because you can just trust anyone with your hair

the society competed with two parallel viewpoints one which said that the man of the house should share tasks with his spouse

i always got invited back and had lots of fun out at the bars after not having sex with others

get a third one i also would like to know why an ex spouses well being is more important than the payers

and he was in mexico to help his father work on a beach property he owned just a few miles away

i felt that the caning was not a form of punishment but was an opportunity for me to repent and return to the right path

many parents and kids these days do not want to discuss the topic of that involving that of teen pregnancy

complexity and brutality in the global political economy the past two decades have seen a sharp growth in the number of people

the courier broke the news last week that westside church is negotiating to purchase the centre in vancouver for performing arts

a school needs to show it has hired a particular recruiting service on a regular basis not isolated on a single recruit in a specific year

but a few minutes after settling into bed with my dockers' cap and purple jumper still on a spotty internet connection forced me to go to another room

but they also have their share of squabbles and deep down realise that they are not happy in their marriage

unpublished results from a study of 300 couples at the university of denver found that after a month or so of solo relationship training

she recounts how she landed her first and only professional job as the second ann landers at the chicago sun times and mentions that her identical twin

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