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a world in which young women are free to describe their desires openly and launch themselves at men without shame

we have the typecast of single black welfare mothers who are a drain on society because of irresponsible and promiscuous behaviour

he should always engage with her emotionally in a way he would be happy for other men to engage with her

i must use a backup method of birth control or i might get pregnant it really is in all caps

the census bureau found that its sample size for each given year was too small to stand on its own

should my husband take our son away for 2 weeks so soon after separation i have a 3 year old and a new born with my husband

there are still a large number of devoted single christians living in raleigh who still hold to traditional biblical values

the best places to send chills down a girls spine is to lightly touch the areas that are under the strap of the bra

whereupon the couple would decide whether to have children and enter what she viewed as the more permanent stage of matrimony or not

it's long been known that there's a correlation between age at first marriage and divorce the younger you get married the first time

another factor of world war ii has been the increased need for both parents to work outside of the home

a karnataka minister and his driver helped rescue a family of seven whose car fell into a tank near beguvali in shimoga district

busby and colleagues controlled for the influence of religious involvement in their analysis because it often plays a role on when couples choose to initiate sex

000 couples married in louisiana between 1997 and 2007 chose covenant marriages that require premarital counseling and make divorces harder to obtain

god knows that i am human and that i do not have all the right answers all the time and that often i misunderstand and say the wrong things

i will be 22 this month and i am still with my daughter's father and we are very happy together

but that whopping figure can be taken as reflecting contemporary market values she an amateur who run up some serious debt

school board member mike heun told the audience that he thought the meeting would help him determine a consensus of community opinion

but the fact that some stranger in some distant land could marry someone of the same sex had nothing to do with it

the report also finds people who have had fewer romantic relationships prior to tying the knot are more likely to find their

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