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the attorneys on both sides fueled controversy between us and i have been living with this nightmare for 11 years now

how should we discuss a future together while avoiding the fact that it seems like the person wants to be alone

children who grow up in an intact home with their father and mother married to each other turn out the best

staff officers wanted to have army doctors check out the women in the brothels and then assign military police to the front doors to regulate the line

then you know i encouraged you to not only tell your spouse you love them but to tell them why

why is it that it can be parlayed and manipulated by hollywood and various ad agencies into a blaze of buddha statues

jesse ventura vetoed a bill last year that would have lowered marriage license fees for couples who seek counseling before tying the knot

i can in a little late so i missed the pink floyd video however i went on you tube and found it and i like wow

dack estimates that 99 percent of students feel pressure to figure out early in college what they going to do with their lives and to book unrealistic academic plans

do not want the public face of this story the one where i will be remembered solely as a presidential plaything to define me

charles is widely reported to have ignored legal advice and opted to go without a prenup when he wed his second wife

cbs news it's been more than a week since republican senate candidate todd akin's controversial remarks over rape and abortion were thrust into the national spotlight

nic insults mia by asking her if she ever found out who the father of her daughter is and mia attacks him

you would go crazy thinking the consequences of mental health of you or your near and dear ones getting detiorated over something

this law mandates the local government to allow its residents to access their personal files and to use it whenever they need it

if your work took you away from your fundamental duties at home and if your success came at the cost of your family life and the stability of your children

black marriage day has been celebrated annually at locally sponsored events hosted by faith based and community groups on the fourth sunday of march since 2003

no straight person living in a homosexual community would offer their daughter to homosexual men they would know that that would be pointless

kelly clarkson was a royal for a day as the grand marshal of the krewe of endymion mardi gras parade in new orleans

the division of the jointly owned share of the home and of the jointly owed mortgage will be 50 50

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