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tornado warning craig countychief meteorologist james aydelott is on air right now tracking a tornado warning in craig county and parts of northern oklahoma

the data shows that fgm is becoming less prevalent overall and the younger generation is less vulnerable to the practice

there used to be only two places in georgia where you could get a marriage license and blood test in one day

my gut says to run as far away as possible but heart is putting its own two cents in here

the use of the drug is being normalized in spite of the fact that there are clear links between marijuana use and schizophrenia and aggression

christ's own example is that as a single person he was fruitful through his total devotion to the father even to death

but most couples prefer the huge wedding and expensive celebration in lieu of money better spent on making sure they will be compatible for more than three years

but the logic of same sex marriage proponents places priority on individual identity over the commitments intrinsic to genuine love

always good to see some familar posts the article specifically states that abstaining was still to be the focus of the program

i don't think it takes a whole lot of creative thinking to see a lonely man self medicating his way through his empty marriage and unrequited love

are public displays of affection really necessaryare you afraid of being alonebeing yourself on a dateblind datesbreaking upbreaking up over the phonebuying a diamond

i don know if its because i more accepting i think it taken away that part of my brain that cares what other people do when it doesn affect me

he was the only one i'd gone all the way with but the relationship changed soon after we'd started sleeping together

students who identified themselves as belonging to any specific religious denomination were significantly less likely to participate in premarital sexual intercourse

worst tween phenomenon it says something about our era that girls are flocking to movies that equate premarital sex with death

animal research suggests that women's increased risk for liver damage may be linked to physiological effects of the female reproductive hormone estrogen 13

we don't ever want to take the gospel out of our message because we believe the power for abstinence is a changed heart

being prepared and having options will help you from committing to someone who may not be right for you for the long haul

the palm beach county clerk comptroller's civil division is bracing for a higher than average volume of marriage license applications in the next week

as its participants engage in a sort of premarital trial by combat in which the prize is a bland and

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