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there was embarrassment and denial when we talked to officials about the sex workers who were clearly visible on the town's streets

couples are told what to expect in marriage and use role playing to learn to communicate effectively while avoiding destructive tactics like name calling and withdrawal

dark comedy that takes a quirky incisive look at the many layers that paint the typical portrait of the modern day american family unit

nor could she get on lockwood military health insurance when she needed back surgery and lacked her own coverage during graduate school

each state in america has its own concerned guidelines surrounding divorce and the process included including the division of marital assets

her intimacy with the richest people in the world as they're getting grabby about kitchen utensils has only sharpened her wicked sense of humour

the victim had the right to demand that the perpetrator marry her and support her until either he or she died

courts justify awarding women portions of pension benefits earned by their husbands based on the concept that without her support at home

they sound eerily similar to arguments that business developers and foresters have used to encroach on the boundary waters canoe area

a business owner conscience doesn have any factor in the medical procedures of their employees but the state mandating that they have to provide medical insurance that includes a

and the ringers are in the saddle horse and motorbike mustering at the yards or with helicopters in distant paddocks

he takes the long view that his starting pitchers need to be stretched out so as to minimize strain on his bullpen

a creighton university study found that even married couples from different christian denominations divorce at a higher rate than those who wed within denominations

clinical staff were asked to rate the usefulness of records for decision making on a scale of 1 5 no use to very useful

it important for people planning to get married to acknowledge any doubts they may have and see if they can work through them before taking the plunge

it's the only method of birth control a girl can use to prevent pregnancy after she's had unprotected sex or an accident

my emotions would begin to simmer whether it was directly related to my partner or something i just needed to vent

that one admit that the uniformities implied in one's anecdotes are always to a certain extent ideal extrapolations from specific situations

the least northwestern can do is punish the professor who organized this after class event that turned into what was essentially a live episode of pornography

there are many who discover that making the best of opportunities is a better way to live than bemoaning obstacles that shatter their dreams

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