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as such it contrasts to a civil marriage which grants only certain rights and privileges in keeping with the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is certified

the question of professional baseball in champaign is in crisis with a league meeting only three or four days away

and later my new uncle said that he felt just as married as he would have had the church conducted the ceremony

the school athletic department announced tuesday that davies a starting forward from provo would no longer be part of the team this season

the staff at the small clinic in the heart of this ancient city don't bury most of the fetuses only those that have reached three or four months

is the lesson that the compassion and love of jesus for the individual is more important than the broad dictates of church teaching

i understand this high school student is gay and has been working to increase tolerance and understanding of individuals who are gay

she interviewed hundreds of people on the topic of marital finances and each story was more heartbreaking than the last

found rising happiness levels in 19 of 26 advanced countries around the world but the united states was not one of them

the surprise baby crisis they had was worked through rather than being something that was going to split them up

the papers generally included warnings about the harmful effects of heavy alcohol consumption and binge drinking to balance out the message

imagine a doctor who does a gynecological examination with the sole purpose of determining if a woman has had sexual intercourse

the absence of a state run religious monopoly combined with a wide sphere of religious liberty has produced an ideal environment for a thriving religious ecosystem

and call girls replaced the brothels of vice districts as reformers never accounted for the gender and class discrimination endured by working women

and tells them that something might be wrong with stella because she seems too fat turns out it just pregnancy weight

but insisted he had learned about it only a month earlier while in jail in douglas county on a separate drug conviction

the first times that a person is drawn to another activates the right side of the brain and sends signals through the body telling it

so marriages functioned with long term perspective and were built upon a strong bond of lifelong faithfulness and unconditional commitment

in the divorce is not likely to change the actual outcome of the terms of the divorce as determined by the court

the voice of prosecutor eleanor laws qc appeared to crack with emotion as she accused of him putting a teddy over a little girl's mouth as he raped her

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