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we live in fear of deep intimacy until we firmly conclude that keeping up appearances to hide our shamefulness from others only causes more resentment

the alliance defending freedom has put together a downloadable day of dialogue memorandum that explains these rights to parents and their children

a paramedic expressed shock over the incident and stated they never experienced a patient being refused treatment after so many attempts

the companies involved in a marriage initially establish trust by reducing their commitments to writing in the form of a letter of intent that includes warranties

catholic educational leaders across ontario are debating whether to allow grade 8 girls to get the new hpv vaccine in school

perhaps that spouse had harbored an inarticulated openness to divorce or was abusive and the couple had never dealt with that issue

johnston could have taught us all something dylan before him ignoring the klieg lights and going on with his life

many courts consider a parent's willingness to encourage a relationship with the other parent when deciding with whom the child will live

lorence said americans face a choice of whether to view marriage as primarily an act of individual satisfaction or as an institution serving the communal good

90 a more practical reason for fgm's continuance is that the circumcisers rely to some extent on the practice for their living

me or anybody else happens to think the code of conduct at brigham young university is out of date or unfair

is moral can be determined to a point by society but g d has said what is moral and what isn't

flight or freeze but it can help you shift to a less reactive and more skillful response to what is happening in the moment

salt lake city utah lawmakers are considering two bills aimed at helping couples who plan to marry and those contemplating divorce

anonymous due to the hysterics that would ensue if by some hiccup of the cosmos my mother were to find out that her 27 year old daughter is having premarital sex

minors under the age of 16 can get married with the consent of one parent and approval from a superior court judge

college administrators and community leaders should find ways to recapture their historical role of guiding and supporting the courtship process

imagine a doctor who does a gynecological examination with the sole purpose of determining if a woman has had sexual intercourse

the tentative proposal centers on the number of flights that metal fatigue tests show a given type of plane can safely endure

as there is a student development class that is mandatory for people on honor code probation called life planning and decision making

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