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focus on the family has found relative success with its abstinence program in other countries notably majority muslim nations such as egypt and malaysia

giving her the time even if it seems like all she's doing is moping in front of the tv feels like the most supportive thing you can do

a lawyer who accused his fiancee of being superficial when she complained he did not talk enough about his feelings

mormon women all look like they came from a photo shoot as opposed to mormon men who look like they came from a dungeons and dragons guild meeting

maybe this year try to not bother with any of the external trappings and just focus on your time spent with family

he said he is open to the possibility that sexual orientation has a genetic basis that cannot be cured or prayed away

he said today that much of what has been reported on the case and on the history of their marriage has not been accurate

i also had a good pentecostal friend years ago i don think pentecostals are bad people in general and she abided by those standards

parents were keen to have their ds children registered in the kmgc in order to receive social support from the government

i stopped to spare a thought for those out there who really might worry that this matrimonial godlessness really is a sign we're not taking social institutions seriously enough

the haemoglobin disorders are unique among all genetic diseases in that identification of carriers is preferable by haematological biochemical tests rather than dna analysis

who undoubtedly is taking stock of his life and probably regretting the testimony he gave in court about murder just being business

more than eighty five percent adolescents of bangladesh do not know what reproductive health is and how to practice safe sex

that it not their place to judge what is in another person heart that is job i wish more were like this

nurturing presence in the midst of a war in which the casualties can be relationships with partners and families back home

remember not many months ago one woman exposed a tiny part of her breast during the superbowl and this country went completely ballistic about it

i know this is easier said than done but having been there i know it is the only way to have true peace and relationship with god

was a military commander who had fled the scene of a military defeat and sought shelter in a hut owned by a guy named heber and his wife

icbc would need to offer insurance on the basis of a fixed scale of payments for all minor injuries sustained in automobile accidents

despite the 22 year old female journalist denying that she had any involvement with the show on which mr abdul jawad made his startling confessions

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