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civil liberties groups got mad in may when he ruled it no longer sufficient for sex offenders to simply register online or with their local newspapers

dan has served with marketplace for over 25 years and even wrote and taught the first ever workplace chaplaincy curriculum for seminary students

i suspect that the people who had planned to do premarital education would do it anyway and those who didn't would probably pay the extra cost

vi rose latifah takes over as choir director when their longtime director kris kristofferson has a heart attack and dies after a performance

i know that the consequences of sex can be quite serious but that doesn't mean sex itslef has to be taken so seriously

this is a very unusual year for uga from the standpoint of having so many scholarships open between 8 10 this late

list of questions they ask in the temple recommend interview are what the lord considered important enough to keep his temples a sacred and

course to strengthen your relationship through multimedia presentations and skill building exercises that are supported by over 30 years of scientific research

the cls students seeking official recognition argued their first amendments were violated when officials refused to grant them collective access to campus resources

sullinger's 3 pointer with 34 seconds left in the first half gave the buckeyes a 40 36 lead at the break

we normally tend to believe that the unseen will be much better than the seen because somewhere inside we want it to be better than what it is right now

mary kate brought up a really good point about her belief in the social justice mission of the catholic church

couples living together now flaunt their relationships and a previously unthinkable level of boldness is evident in fashion and lifestyles

dealerships that were rejected as part of the companies' bankruptcies last spring are entitled to seek reinstatement through arbitration under a federal law enacted in december

ohio law allows a murder charge against someone accused of killing a fetus that would be able to live outside the womb

i guess i not really pushed into the religion but i chose to be in it because it worked out so well with my parents

the last thing that has to be in place is a system that allows the teenager the chance to discuss things that are going with them in school

a 26 year longitudinal study released by the university of michigan found that when a husband reported having a close relationship with his wife's parents

please take this letter as a reasonable projection of how your marriage might feel 25 years from now and banish

and what was notable about friday night's two hour special wasn't so much that it showed viewers a new side of walters

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