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you can point out how difficult it will be to go to university when they have a baby to look after

reason 4 there is one undeniable truth of life spending your life with someone you love makes you much more happy than spending your life alone

and we should encourage kids to dream a big dream for their lives you do not need to give into the pessimism of the secular world

holder took note of the fact that paul was to be a participant in the criminal justice symposium later in the morning

powell said she promised not to engage in sex with anyone and completed months of church attendance and meetings with christian mentors

while the divorce may not be entirely surprising to those of us who were floored when cruise first leapt onto oprah's couch to declare his love for the much younger actress

as it relates to estate planning and my death how does the difference between joint tenants in common vs community property vs having a beneficary deed vs having a trust

but if you're like tens of thousands of parents who've been hearing the same recommendation from their 11 year old daughters' pediatricians for several years now

309 in the tugela ferry home care program shivers violently on the wooden planks someone has knocked into a bed

a former bju board of trustees member who was accused of covering up a sex abuse scandal at the church where he served as pastor

it's a voice rarely heard since she withdrew from hollywood in the early 1980s to the haven she made for herself in the northern california town of carmel

are often denied care because the assumption is they'll change their minds surely they'll decide they do want children eventually

surveys show that about 70 percent of high school seniors in texas are sexually active and the state has the fourth highest teenage pregnancy rate in the nation

officials partly blame the long and repeated deployments that started after the invasion of iraq in 2003 and stretched the service thin

a business owner conscience doesn have any factor in the medical procedures of their employees but the state mandating that they have to provide medical insurance that includes a

allowing taxpayers to divert some of what they owe the state to provide scholarships for students to attend private and parochial schools

is it makes it too easy for the woman to play by the rules of society instead of standing up and saying

as prior knowledge of increased risk of an affected child will influence the perinatal care and can significantly improve long term outcome

if you were only kind of looking at the headlines or hearing what's coming from the political environment these days

and the senate decision not to restore the language before voting thursday means the effort to amend the constitution must start fresh

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