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3 anthropological critics most notably derek freeman claimed that mead failed to apply the scientific method and that her assertions were unsupported

i have emails after our breakup from him that refer to what he was supposed to give me and he admits he

her statement that every girl should take a condom in her purse when she goes out on a date contradicts the values of most parents in this country

one thing that hasn't changed over the years is the way some parents clam up when it comes to sex

whose religion they and their potential offspring are going to follow or if they even want to have a religion is a close second

a airline passenger who used a racial slur when he slapped a crying toddler on a flight has been sentenced to eight months in prison

cuauhtemoc sanchez says he sees a marked difference between the values with which he grew up and those of today

who made his first appearance on a sideline since nearly suffering paralysis after he absorbed a hit against wauconda two weeks ago

more than 300 walkers and their canine buddies stood united saturday morning to send the message that no domestic abuse survivors should have to leave their pets behind

nowadays many a young boy and girl resort to premarital sex and later ditch their present lovers and marry someone else for parental pressure or for obvious reasons

people would seek counsel from someone with a close relationship with god like a priest to ask question to see if their plans would be successful

in particular you don often hear about other religious groups asking for prayers at public occasions trying to make everyone else listen to them praying

fenniman got the strong support of lynch and health and human services commissioner nick toumpas to emphasize treatment over punishment for detained or court ordered juveniles

joint debt bankruptcya debtor has the option to file bankruptcy independently or to file a joint bankruptcy petition with his spouse

the program is being run by the catholic health agency after prison staff refused because of occupational health and safety concerns

it is impossible to accurately know or even to guess at the actual levels of abortion during the truman and eisenhower years

if you are both currently working do you plan on continuing your career or do you see yourself more as full time parent and homemaker

a collier circuit judge on monday refused to accept a plea bargain for an immokalee man who got a 14 year old girl pregnant

he learned that what he saw there was much like what he learned from his own life and that of those everywhere

the test board still wants to throw out the scores nick can retake the sats in time for his scholarship deadline

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