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since it takes two to make a baby how is it fair only the female decides whether or not to keep the baby or abort

it's been a great run these past 110 odd years since the duryea brothers built the first american car in springfield

argued in legal documents filed late on tuesday that prosecutors had violated their agreement with his client and asked the court to withdraw her guilty plea

though mainly state owned corporations historically accounted for about one fourth of the market capitalization of the stockholm stock exchange

so that i can be there for them and not check out 20 years early because i didn't take care of myself the way i should

one donor admitted in an interview thursday that she was a straw donor for both boren and state auditor and inspector jeff mcmahan

i know for a fact that many christian children who have been taught this moral value neither conform to nor practice it

there are challenges that face every married couple you could not know about without the wisdom of an experienced therapist like arnold bloch

fundamentalists believe the winds of secular humanism are so powerful that they have to create this hothouse environment for their children

women took the idea of going out of the house to work to fill up their needs as well as their family members

both of us were absolutely astonished at how friendly the staff was around the hotel and at the accommodations available

very few among the annual jackaroo and jillaroo intake return for a second or third year of chasing cattle from dawn till dusk

the news of how gosnell and his staff allowed babies to be born only to murder them in cold blood spread around the country via social networks

examples in the bible where this curse can be seen are the flood in the old testament and david's illegitimate son and what having this son lead to

most people outside of scouting do not realize that any sexually active homosexual or heterosexual young man is not able to be a scout

the most difficult thing for christian singles is to find someone with similar beliefs and who respects your choices under the lord

it is strongly suggested here that a dating culture starting from age 16 or even 14 be introduced in all societies

shooting the guard outside double t's apartment before and after he gives the warning cutscene results in a kill rather than a knockout

but the sex ed most parents have in mind looks very different from the kind now required in new york

furloughed workers can return to work government shutdown over obamacare sign up under way deal reached to avoid default and open government senator

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