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college station wasn on our agenda because we sometimes forget that a road trip with the kids is less relaxing than a trip to walmart on black friday

the apostle proceeds in verses 3 and 4 to establish the physical claim ones spouse has upon the body of the other

i found comfort in the work of neil douglas klotz who has some lovely translations of the aramaic gospels peshitta

2 the traditionalist conservative intercollegiate studies institute listed coming of age in samoa as 1 in the list of what it thinks are the

and it was often a practical solution to the hard times faced by any family who doubted whether they could financially support a child langum 5

he and museum staffers would study a detail from an artwork and try to identify the masterpiece it came from

the point of it is to have children and the people you want to have children with are the people you love

it's a good idea to start thinking about the reasons you want to marry long before you get to the wedding planning stage

the school owned and operated by the church of jesus christ of latter day saints announced davies had been dismissed from the team tuesday

the who estimates that two thirds of the nearly 10 million people who need treatment in developing countries still have no access to it

i would run from a guy like that as far as you can until he grows up or gets right with god

tune in later this week for the second article in this series to learn more about decisions to agree on before marriage

they sound eerily similar to arguments that business developers and foresters have used to encroach on the boundary waters canoe area

the victim had the right to demand that the perpetrator marry her and support her until either he or she died

then we take care and let you out of these issues with ease and help you move on with nothing but smiles

there have been plenty of negative comments from athletes and pundits about the potential negative consequences of open homosexuality in sports

heisler and others are asking bloomsburg town council to pass an ordinance that would ban businesses from discriminating against customers based on their sexual orientation

if her story is documentable if there are witnesses who can support the story as her book indicates johnston could find himself the subject of a rape investigation

i realize my great great granddaughter wont have the chance to pore over those letters while trying to piece together my life 100 years from now

a fledgling show business career that started with an appearance on the ed sullivan show immediately after she was stripped of her crown never took off

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