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only 14 percent of respondents including republicans and pro life connecticut voters prefer abstinence only sex education programs in school

what i don't get is why people who have seen the light with respect to religious restrictions on sex nonetheless persist in calling themselves christians

carrier screening programmes provide a unique opportunity to compare the delivery of carrier screening programmes carried out in different cultural

but the fact that he was in the running is a sign that the future of the catholic church is in lagos as much as it is in rome

and even goes to say that women are virtually lesser than men and should strive to remain silent in church

why do we not do more to investigate and proactively protect those individuals who are invested in sexual activity at this young age to the point of needing birth control

i have studied this fact from a close angle and my experience says that none of the boy or girl from age 12 on are today without boyfriends or girlfriends

chicago zoological society and brookfield zoo officials are cautiously optimistic about the progress of two male dolphin calves born at the zoo earlier this year

how else wouldi be able to know that i can tolerate living with him until death dous part if we don't try before saying the vows

solutions will only develop when professionals discover ways to engage the youth in improving their present situations and plan for successful futures

perhaps you would like to be remembered as a loyal and dedicated person who would give the shirt off his back to help someone

i was wondering what are your views on marrying a non christian or some one who takes it lightly with you being a devote chri

he also drew a distinct boundary line between legitimate topics for policy discussions by politicians and urged the media to leave politicians' families alone

and that leaves one in an entirely less shattered place than those spouses who are left with no partner and a gaping hole where their hearts once were

a tattoo on carnahan's left arm of a chile pepper harkens back to the nine years he partied in northern california after graduating from

wanted to educate students at her school about this natural disaster that occurred in december and also to show them how they could help the less fortunate

he points out that the dow jones printouts from various news sources that historic day are particularly rare since they were usually tossed away or used for

are you afraid you will have to divorce your spouse because of same sex marriage being allowed in a few states

both the hebrew and the christian scriptures are full of contradictory sacred and secular laws and social norms appropriate to the very different times and cultures in

what kushboo did was to warn the young generation that we should be responsible for our acts and do it with full knowledge about its merits and demerits

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