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that they would try to convince the jews that they were both worshiping the same god by adopting some of the same religious ceremonies

moral issues and everybody ought to live according to their own morals and religious views which may be different to mine

it was pretty standard for parents to make it up as they went along or perhaps consult their own parents

it's so good at being an executive car that we gave it the best compact executive award in our 2013 ceremony

materialism and a willingness to permit women in the workplace have also not translated into an upheaval of old patriarchal attitudes

as a relatively strong correlation was found for these items pearson correlation coefficient r p only the second item was used in the further analyses

but they can help build a society that refuses to compound the psychological effects of those crimes by shaming the victims

there will be a lot of activism to keep at bay the movement of laws in favor of same sex marriage

when we learn to base our understanding of relating to each other on god instructions and exemplify the love set forth in his word

the university of guelph became the focus of the national spotlight when a student decided to broadcast a suicide attempt to 200 people

schaefer faced no discipline until april less than a month before the church's six year statute of limitations was set to expire when boger filed a complaint

tom arnold's attorney is asking that the beverly hills home and premarital earnings be excluded from their joint property even though there was no prenuptial agreement

90 per cent of the males and 56 per cent of female participants had the perception that they would not be able to perform

someone doesn want our kids to know these things but i had sex education as a youngster and it kept me from making poor choices

an intervention in the health field may only be carried out after the person concerned has given free and informed consent to it

i would overhear a debate about what makes a perfect pasta sauce and how to sliver a clove of garlic

others continued to stress the need to maintain international funding for programmes targeted at aids and to assist in the building of health care systems in developing countries

which in turn protects inheritance rights since the husband was the property owner and his women and children were his property

and that is the reason i do not believe that god's attitudes toward sex would be the same as christians'

even when the flintstones advertised cigarettes during the turbulent 60 at least this was direct and unambiguous long before cigarettes were labeled the cancer sticks they are

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