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able to work with assistant news director news director in coordinating staff in our three 1011 news stations and to direct producers toward the best news coverage possible

i realize my great great granddaughter wont have the chance to pore over those letters while trying to piece together my life 100 years from now

the legislation gives doctors a virtual veto over the birth of any child they find abnormal or possibly prone to genetic diseases

the child with a mild or moderate disability may have more difficulty adjusting than a child with a severe disability rutter

ben affleck's side of the bed was barely cold by the time jennifer lopez had reattached herself legally to old flame marc anthony

south asia and sub saharan africa are global centers of child marriageschild marriage transcends regional and cultural boundaries and persists to varying degrees around the globe

this is all about tolerance and acceptance and america is the best country in the world because we're all entitled to our opinions and beliefs but we don't have to agree

a bride's magazine poll found that the average period of engagement rose from 11 months in 1999 to 16 months in 2002

statistics show that some teens who promise abstinence also may engage in oral or anal sex instead of vaginal sex

two generation ago the average marrying age for a woman was around 16 18 the age of first sexual encounters for many today

factors seem to come into play when considering why those who attend religous schools are more likely to have abortions

i think one of the things that kind of needs to be mentioned is a lot of people seem to be mentioning cases where the woman doesn't take birth control

the planned ceremony in the sports arena the largest such event in the country since covenant marriages were first legalized in louisiana in 1997 is being orchestrated by gov

what is tolerated in one year may not be in another due only to changes in public policy initiatives or popular opinion

valentine day is a scripted holiday where couples are marketed on exactly what is supposed to happen if you are in a loving relationship morse neuberg

our research around the world supports this simple notion familiarity does not breed contempt amongst people who deeply love each other

eva longoria accuses apple staff of accessing personal infothe claims come after 101 stars had naked pictures stolen from their icloud accounts

it's in the nature of sex to awaken deep emotions within us emotions that are distinctly unwelcome when one is trying to keep it light

encourage and support the public school in teaching the broadest possible spectrum of information on the issue of sexual awareness

going into a marriage without getting premarital counseling is like going into business without a proper business plan in mind

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