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the share of young adults who have never married climbed from 35 percent at the start of the decade to 46 percent in 2009

questions about byu's alteration of photos came up when the school's media guide showed araujo without the tattoos on his arms

to permit the plan b drug sponsor to make plan b available to women 17 and older without a prescription

ap byu's brandon davies finds himself on the wrong side of the morman school's strict honor code after confessing to premarital sex with his girlfriend

artists for trauma and rhythm and joy festival showcase the power of artartists help trauma victims heal and move forward in life

of sex is promoting a new sexual ethics that legitimizes and justifies everything in the name of pleasure and freedom

that we could save loads of cash by simply giving certain convicted criminals the option of a public flogging in lieu of incarceration

30 million from pepfar when it needed to purchase brand name drugs to treat patients who had developed resistance to their original treatments

up to 76 per cent respondents did not discuss sexual matters with their family and the number of people willing to consult a sex therapist

the head of a saudi religious council said the owner of mbc should be tried and potentially executed for airing indecent material

in january he scored 43 points against number four san diego state and last friday night he scored 52 against new mexico in the mountain west semi final

showed a significant number of call center workers has contracted diseases through non romantic but regular sexual engagements known in the industry as fubu

insider stock trading schemes those at the conference cited recent scandals as cause for greater interest at colleges and universities in the topic of ethics

more than eight in 10 american women ages 15 to 44 had taken the pill at some point in their lives

i've just really been feeding off of that and this year i think i'm planning to do a solo project

'but more typical is the couple in their early 30s where the groom is a financial hotshot and the well educated

they might start making sense when someone like qwest starts included dsl and wireless together for a single reasonable monthly fee so i'm not paying twice for the same thing

the hindu wedding is performed as per the customs and traditions of the community to which the bride and the groom belong

the realities of working class life intruded women's situation in the labor force and family undercut their social freedom and treating underscored their material dependency

they were trying to build a generation out there in the desert and so he took additional wives as he was told to do

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