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i am deeply disappointed that chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me

i think it says volumes about our first lady that she doesn't have to tout all of her good works and accomplishments

i think you are smart because you realize that ou just want to be a normal teeenager unlike most girls who try to deny it

the sociologist and his friends went hat in hand to government offices and state owned companies for funds for his two year survey

if swapping partners is far too radical for most men for it is also about multiple partners for wives or girlfriends then what about extramarital affairs

the worst part was when my son saw my picture in a newspaper and came to me with the paper in his hand crying

one could suggest that pilgrims engage in boundary making procedures because they require some kind of structure in an ill defined and liminal environment

an open adoption could mean that the child's status is not kept secret and could include provisions to keep the birth parent

chicago a survey of 13 predominantly judeo christian countries shows substantial majorities in most of them believe in god and in life after death

shirk is to devote the acts of worship to anything beside allah exalted be he such as those who seek the help of the dead

but we also want to be together so we always end up running around town to be at both places

you would like to have three 200 pound tailbacks to be able to wear down these defenses in the second half gurley is not just some big plodder either

the purpose of the placebo pills is that the user can take a pill on every day of her menstrual cycle

the share of young adults who have never married climbed from 35 percent at the start of the decade to 46 percent in 2009

research also suggests that women are more susceptible than men to alcohol related organ damage and to trauma resulting from traffic crashes and interpersonal violence

as its participants engage in a sort of premarital trial by combat in which the prize is a bland and

many have lost the deep community connections that both aid the vetting of future spouses and support couples once they are wed

day was drawn to the faith by witnessing the example set by two roman catholic roommates with whom she shared an apartment in greenwich village

christians should ask themselves if they are ready to step out in faith and trust god in all areas of their life

conservative leaders said that for many americans marriage has come under the influence of popular culture with such television shows as

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