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in surveys about sexual attitudes and practices male respondents are found to inflate the figures to suggest their greater attractiveness to women

i sort of reach a point where i'm tired of taking it slow i'm talking 10 11 dates and push the issue

bristol claims she drank so many wine coolers on the night in question that she has no recollection of events

many abstinence folks are opposed to the surveys researchers want to use to evaluate federally funded programs because they include specific questions about sex

the truth was that i regret all those years because i had had not enjoyed my sex freedom during my teenage years until got marriage at 18

spy planes and facebook were invented and more for the fact that people used to throw poop out of their windows in lieu of a toilet

the gallup and pew polls since this began are now showing that majorities of americans agree with the religious leaders and not with president obama

it's been two years since barack obama was elected president and since he got to couple with nancy pelosi and harry reid to bring us an avalanche of federal spending

do rags and other inappropriate head gear were not allowed in schoolsthere was no need to post signs that weapons such as guns and switchblades weren allowed in schools

we go to church to hear and be reminded of christ's love for us and how we need to exhibit and share that with our neighbors

this violated rules on government has launched an investigation of parents who use the family computer to access porn sites

the camden family lives more by example rather than religiously going to church or to the bible for the answers to life's problems

sometimes separate property has been commingled or otherwise used during the marriage in such a way that it has arguably lost its separate character

that of telling remarried people that they can only be forgiven if they abandon their current marriage and either remain celibate or return to their original spouse

turns to her mother's ya yas scrapbook to try to understand female bonding as well as her frayed relationship with her mother

i think as parents we have a duty to make sure that children are not pressured into doing anything that they are not physically and emotionally ready to do

the president is confident that one of the reasons welfare reform works is that because in good times and in bad times

just when you think they are going to capture the bad guy in act 1 and leave us wondering what to do for the next 1

young adults have an especially great need for accurate information about how to protect themselves against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections

bush has been criticized for not putting a similar effort into tackling the post election political turmoil in kenya and violent conflicts in sudan and in chad

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