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renowned christian theologian lewis smedes wrote in 1999 that the closest parallel to this debate is the church's former opposition to nearly all remarriage after divorce

a conservative interpretation of the bible and conservative life style choices in relation to such issues as premarital sexual intercourse

he or she will then become afraid the incident will become public knowledge and fear how he or she will be viewed by the neighbors

a report issued by experian consumer research found that 23 per cent of teen girls surveyed in 2004 had read us weekly in the last six months

you'd be surprised how many of even the unhappiest customers will keep coming back when you're sweeter than a cupcake

torvald's negligence of his wife's sufferings and longing for independence and marignan's blindness to one of the world's most precious beauties

our research showed that relationship happiness or downfall starts and ends with the precise manner in which couples discuss issues and handle conflicts

encourage and support the public school in teaching the broadest possible spectrum of information on the issue of sexual awareness

staff officers wanted to have army doctors check out the women in the brothels and then assign military police to the front doors to regulate the line

there's no denying the degree of difficulty for byu this week and especially in the ncaa tournament has gone way up

and totally related mccain and his camp can never again speak of obama's lack of international expience and experience in public office

very little is known about the detailed circumstances around or reasons for engaging in anal sex among under 18 year olds

ninety per cent of rapists are still out on the streets and still able to attack new victims and that not an acceptable result

teenage marriages are considerably less stable than those that take place when couples are in their early to mid 20s

protecting my five children will be at the heart of everything i do relating to both custodial and financial matters

meyer foresaw how much graphic premarital sex in all kinds of gender and species permutations would appear in online fan fiction

we have a positive behaviour management policy which includes promoting it with the children and making sure the staff model that

learned a harsh lesson about gay rights in march when it announced it would no longer define marriage as between a man and a woman in its employee conduct manual

a friend of mine just got married in august and they went to counseling for a couple of months before the wedding

house speaker johnnie byrd is critical of florida's no fault divorce law and believes the legislature should look at the problem

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