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except she has made it very clear she wants to move back east to be close to her family once she's married and ready to have kids

there are times that make me ask if i were not better suited to live a few hundred years ago instead

how america can conquer urban decay donald kimelman's march 27 op ed page column concerning forces of regeneration and decay in philadelphia was right on target

a violation of the honor code at a school operated by the church of jesus christ of latter day saints

and taking the time to talk things through in depth before the wedding with professional premarital counseling make all the difference in the world

i stare into her eyes and feel so incredibly connected and hope and pray we have a long life together though

a muslim woman in abu dhabi who accused six men of gang rape and was consequently threatened with lashes for having premarital sex has retracted her allegations

whitney countered that people had asked her why she didn gabrielle in the face after gab called whitney skanky at the very first cocktail party

a british health watchdog group wants to teach children as young as 5 about sex and relationships in hopes of bringing down the teen pregnancy rate

i believe that man has defiled the holiness of the marriage vow and i believe it is still possible to have sex in marriage

a catholic priest in spain has been arrested over the alleged possession of thousands of images of child sex abuse

many american readers felt shocked by her observation that young samoan women deferred marriage for many years while enjoying casual sex but eventually married

if you do not feel comfortable with that person then you may need to choose a different wedding ceremony site

if the wallet has ten dollars and id and nothing else they drop the wallet in the mail and keep the

many families rely on summer camp to provide an outdoor experience for their children during the months when school is out of

a friend or family member with a nice set of wheels may be willing to loan their vehicle for the day

i had their special which includes a large cupcake and a small heated drink i refuse to call it a coffee or a latte for

more frequent would mean that a greater number of students who graduate from religious schools have abortions than people who graduate from public schools

but a new study shows that couples who wait until marriage are happier with the quality of sex than couples who have intercourse before their vows

any changes to a property must comply with the california environmental quality act and the secretary of interior's standards for the treatment of historic properties

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