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the nt was written in greek it would have been easy for paul to use well known words to describe homosexuality

jeff used the loan to keep the couple afloat while his wife finished her degree and the couple tried to get a fledgling home business off the ground

i counted 36 and i sure i missed a few prep students that chose not to sit in the cheering section

the number of available males is further reduced by the fact that more men than women are sitting in jails

men believe that intercourse is hard on their health and will not engage in sex the night before an energy demanding task

the first advantage of a prenuptial agreement i want to talk about is avoiding legal costs and unnecessary attorney fees if you find yourself in divorce court

both mcnulty and one of his aides were coached by karl rove and the white house on what to tell congress

47 per cent of husbands and 38 per cent of wives admitted they had been uncertain about tying the knot

the rabbi and his panel of clergy have opined on abortion and gun control and beer and fancy cars and more than 40 other topics

i just turned 50 and since i smoke i can't seem to find the strength to quit i am concerned about my heart

has literally accused the majority of california voters of having ill and discriminatory intent when casting their votes for prop 8

analyzing the difference in well being between those who remained married over the course of the study and those who divorced

the asian economic crisis and the downfall of indonesian dictator suharto give clinton a wide opening for straight talk with chinese leaders

to prevent this problem the government is searching for the different factors that lead high school students to leave their graduation gown cap behind

he has become an important part of this firm and we are pleased to now count him as a partner

who does not drink alcohol or caffeine because her church teaches that such drugs can interfere with her ability to express free will

around a third of members who i interviewed had had to share a bedroom for at least one term in their first year

000 in back due tuition for the final semester which she was never allowed to complete that her scholarships would have covered

there were a lot of opportunities to go back on that decision but i stuck with it for six years batten

since he had not been elected either president or vice president named by nixon to fill the void left by former vice president spiro agnew

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