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the endurance of the coalition is the only chance they have of showing the electorate they are a serious force

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cervical cancer is of particular interest to our members because it represents the first opportunity that we have to actually eliminate a cancer

specific rules on how the trq will operate and increased transparency in the process will help ensure that imports occur

the cma leadership softened a proposal that it support therapeutic use of marijuana for people with diseases such as aids and cancer

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the mind eye goes back to early 1970s and those days of black and white television sets with a shutter

teen pregnancy rates are dropping and some surveys show most parents oppose more comprehensive sex education when they see the curriculum

or that it takes a clean spirited young man to dare to seize hold of this world and scrape the shit off of it

her methodology consists of clipping out and pasting together an enormous fund of clippings from and the advice columns in cosmopolitan

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is expected to call a special meeting to develop a strategy and decide who will speak in support of

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nj women for alimony reform njwar and new jersey alimony reform njar propose modest reforms to new jersey's alimony laws to reflect the realities of modern society

they also need an open door and hand to hold if they make a mistake and want to recommit to chasity

until the day comes when they lace a carrot jello salad with arsenic and sell it at a local elementary school auction

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