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is that in too many parishes there hasn been a sermon on catholic social ethics since the second vatican council

i know that god is bigger than my mistakes and that he has the power to guide them to live the kind of lives he created them to live

' it's what they do when they follow the clear language of a statute and ignore a case to the contrary

the alberta medical association said friday the vaccine is safe and effective and applauded the province for introducing the program

you just have to use a bit of your imagination and viola your gift will be most appreciated by the recipient

she was thoughful enough to bring up early in our dating that she's a virgin and is saving herself for marrage

who used to do marriage preparation classes for the washington archdiocese and runs seminars and chats on the radio about pope john paul ii landmark of the body

would you still want to marry him if you knew those things would never change and you might discover even more things that bug you about him

a harvard study found more than half of adolescents who took virginity pledges denied having taken them the following year

i have a drinking problem and this is the only place i can come to work maggoted and everyone's too stupid to notice

a few tens of thousands of dollars may mean more to the average couple than a million to tom and katie

zhezhong news said the woman was a high school graduate who works at a restaurant in the zhejiang province city of jinhua

isn't something wrong when girls are constantly judged on their physical appearance and pressed to become more and more sexually provocative

free expression of religion with the needs of the military and not giving the appearance or an actuality of forcing anything or appearing to force

it is often a matter of following or breaking laws and customs for many people who go through the motion of practicing their religion

which in turn protects inheritance rights since the husband was the property owner and his women and children were his property

am optimistic because i have faith in freedom power to lift up all of god children and lead this world to a future of peace

it also affects the well being of those absent fathers who are denied the right and privilege to have a part in their children's lives

without knowledge one cannot make the right decisions and without self realization there would be no effort and motivation to live honestly

the problem of intellectual displacement from the west and their own societies is not unique to al faqih and is shared by many in the third world

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