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we as christians need to have a firm understanding of what it means to love god and to love others when it comes to intimacy and personal relationships

such a party must prove either involuntary execution of the premarital agreement or that the agreement was unconscionable an offense to justice

the report says that strengthening the global response and fully implementing prior commitments made by member states requires that countries

florida cities have some of the highest divorce rates in the united states with miami coming in at 26 with a divorced population of 12

why we would show pay to lock up roger clemens was one of those things that was really bothering me

asked by mr danos if the state of ms rahimzadegan's remains meant he could not rule out death by natural causes

communicating with your spouse was quite easygoing as there were so many things to say and so many things to know from each other

whose name was thrust into the public spotlight as one of the defense attorneys for former assistant penn state football coach jerry sandusky

it like scrolling to the bottom of a document online and clicking on the i agree box without reading the fine print

and an improvement in the lot of women has been a top priority of western backers of the government of president hamid karzai

it is not uncommon to only deal with frumpy week once a season instead of once a month but talk to your doctor about it

army major dortina stephens was a logistics officer stationed in iraq in 2007 and 2009 who helped train the iraqi military

said he had a good relationship with his daughter but that she apparently was afraid to tell him about the pregnancy because he disapproves of premarital sex

those of us who used to think we'd just live a life free from religion are fed up with insults and threats from believers

but he's quick to point out that his chapel has hosted plenty of marriages that last through a buffet dinner or two and then some

one of my brothers shows signs of potentially heading that way all the others have taken a significant leap away from fundamentalism as soon as they began to think

indiana attorney general argued in the state final brief ahead of the hearing that traditional marriage is in the interest of the state

information on prenuptial agreementsa prenuptial agreement is a contract between two individuals that outlines the financial details of a marriage that may dissolve at some

i simply asked why the bridesmaid's participation in all this pomp and circumstance was necessary and i did it publicly

makes wednesday by far the deadliest day since the 2011 popular uprising that toppled longtime ruler and autocrat hosni mubarak

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