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they note that voters have handed them control of the house and the governorships of swing states such as ohio

make sure your father and his attorney understand you are not trying to rain on his parade his last parade i guess and no one is trying to

many religions have found sexuality to be a dangerous area of prohibition and social control as evinced in christianity by strong censure of divorce

the reason they take six weeks to take effect is that a certain level must be built up in the system

he might find the shadow side of a myth to be even more potent and revealing than the popular and all too easy standardized version

even if we assume that men might be taking part in these activities to a greater extent than they might admit to a surveyor

she was already engaged it was going to be a double wedding for landers and her twin when she met her future husband

but as a soon to be thinking about being a parent the idea of having a flavor of ice cream called

spike lee's lawyer said that if a dispute over the use of 45 seconds of the rodney king beating tape was not resolved by thursday

ncaa president mark emmert said he willing to help create a playoff format to decide a national championship for the top level of college football

i know you have to stop for a school bus loading or unloading children if you are traveling in either direction

i realize it's the woman's body and if there was a medical reason where the female was at a health risk by giving birth than that should take precedence

researchers in the business school at ucla randomly paired men and women to work on a paper folding task or a weaving task

used a condom and even tested it after sex by filling it with water to see if there were any leaks

this is much more acceptable today than it used to be so you likely won have to cope with the shame and blame those who came before you did

the bihar government will set up sewerage plants on the bank of river ganges for its conservation and to keep it pollution free in the state

the concept of 'the state' interfering or regulating private healthcare decisions by individual citizens becomes so absurd as to be ludicrous and on the face of it

passive investors or the idea of a passive investor always makes a security since it will always fail the howey test

make sure you take the time to get on the same page with your new spouse when it comes to discipline

and the baby was the conception of rape by her ex she has kept this child even though she is divorced now from the dad

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