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one doesn get excited when a man or woman or family or church denies that the world is round and declares it to be flat as a frying pan

those who have multiple cohabiting partners are also more likely to have children before marriage and with more than one partner

it is not going to make you more sexually active but if it is available you are more likely to be safe about it

are you appalled while reading the papers or listening to the news because you do not understand why so many adults and children are hurting themselves and others

the significance of the use of such analogies is that since language is not only reflective but constitutive of social reality

the problem is that child molestation by priests and the systematic cover up of their crimes by church hierarchy has been exposed as a global phenomenon

i wondered aloud if the divine presence laughed at all who sought it and was shown that we meet the divine through the truth of ourselves

it just gets me that the media always has to come up with stupid crap like this and cause a big ole sensation

the laurens county republicans wanted to make it clear that they won just associate with just any kind of republican

it would be nice to see people be more openminded and just be happy for them whether they are married or not

communication is so important and if two people decide to not be intimate until married then that is up to them

condoms are prominently displayed at supermarket checkout counters and the hottest novel on the bestseller list is a torrid tale of teen age sex

northwestern tied a school record by knocking down 20 3 pointers in friday's 92 67 home win over mississippi valley state

would have revived a provision from the come first reform laws requiring that if school districts and their local teachers unions haven reached a contract agreement by june 10

i think students felt we should be taking more time to reflect on it instead of it just being some tradition in stone

the law was an easy way of appealing to the republican party's fundamentalist christian base and bashing one of its favourite targets hollywood's free speech liberals

the sheer genius that transformed the 1908 model t ford into the 1968 shelby cobra gt500 in the course of a single human lifetime full of speeding tickets

and his gibe at obama for wanting to do something about it is not politics as usual it's just plain irresponsible

i told my hubby to call her and tell her we would pay for her if she would please come

the problem now becomes to resist the wholly natural urge to find one overriding reason and to pin blame on the other person

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