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diana walker feels like she needs to apologize to the residents of grand rapids and to the visitors of the gerald r

the best choice is to leave it entirely with the parents and not have government get in the middle of it

i know that abstinence only advocates argue that teaching kids about birth control and helping to provide it will encourage them to go out and have sex

the attempt of smith and cutuli to allocate all their debts to smith by way of the pre marital agreement and addendum was unlawful and unenforceable under california law

extra martial sex may be hazardous and stressful because the lover is often younger than the primary partner and probably sex occurs more often following excessive drinking and

the genial ford was the perfect personality to occupy the oval office after the trauma of watergate and the resignation of richard nixon

one line of shelving across the top but about 6 10 inches down to store the rarely used items but also light with hidden lights for a soft kitchen light

the rumor is the mattress theft has shaken the confidence even of pm giuliano mignini about who murdered meredith on nov

nine states have legalized same sex marriage and most polls show over 50 percent of the american people now support marriage equality

it improves the ability of those with limited vision to navigate their world by providing a guide that fits right on their glasses

said he had a good relationship with his daughter but that she apparently was afraid to tell him about the pregnancy because he disapproves of premarital sex

all of a sudden a young lady gets pregnant and the parents are madder than a wet hen and she not going to say

here's how several college it directors responded when we asked them to rank in order these nine campus technology issues in terms of their frequency f and seriousness s

said cowell's stash of dvds was discovered by police when the executing a search warrant at his home in july 2012

although it may appear that family life in america has gone from family centered to one based on materialism and self promotion

tv's highest paid starscontent provided by tvguidetroubled singer chris brown pled guilty on tuesday to charges of misdemeanor assault stemming from an altercation last october

if they don they will be penalized and fined by the gov that a disgrace and the anti constitutionality of this issue

not least because the puritan right wing in the united states has clearly had much less of a problem over the years with blood and guts than it has

frequent exposure to that sort of thing encourages the present generation to accept that it's okay to be sexually active

i believe that some of the decisions that teenagers make are having a negative effect on families and societies overall

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