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judges use afghan law that calls for one to five years in prison if two unmarried people have sex outside wedlock

being god overwhelmed me with his presence one day and i took the plunge and became a born again christian

the advantage of a domestic asset protection trust is that you are neither required to disclose your intention to create it

could this be fallout from intel's bosom buddying up with nokia and the fact that nokia released its first meego port for the n900 to developers a month earlier

ny 66amar'e stoudemire took aim friday at brigham young university and the suspension of basketball player brandon davies for a violation of the school honor code

there have been recorded cases of marriages failing even after marriage counseling if they were handled by poorly skilled counselors

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christians have a moral obligation to be compassionate to all children who do not practice this value and as a result may end up with various serious problems

half the reason i'm not in leadership is because i don't want to spend my weekends flying around the country campaigning and raising money

the recommendation was made by an advisory committee to the centers for disease control and prevention and will become final when it's published by the cdc

reitman sense of entitlement stemmed from his contention that he put his own acting career on hold to help elizabeth break into hollywood

limit the amount of cost for each contested issue the way drgs limit cost for episodes of illness that result in hospital stays

even mediators may lack the long range vision of what occurs to the power imbalance in the parties when helping clients to negotiate a financial accord

republicans would prefer that the dividend tax remain at 15 percent but have not taken a hard line on it publicly

rupert murdoch's divorce from his third wife is likely to test the strength of his prenuptial agreement but not the control of his sprawling media empire

or convey faith in him because of the kind of person he has been since he was a small child etc

9 per cent of grade 5 girls in the city's separate school system went to free public clinics for the shots

the world is her oyster and she's going to be able to pursue an education and career and avocation opportunities without a man

the changes will usher in the next phase of welfare reform six years after congress and president clinton enacted the 1996 welfare reform law that ended welfare

a coroners court heard that mother of two peaches had died at 8pm just two hours after speaking to her husband

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