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each individual is able to see the world as a different experience based on their perception of what the world is and this is a metaphor for life

or anyone else who does not fall within the jail's narrow exception to the newly imposed ban on outgoing letters

wondering if part of cole green's early season problems can be traced to an inadvertent mental detachment from the season

call girls such as zeba live in a world far removed from new delhi's infamous main red light district gb road

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talk to the media after the ogden clerk and auditor office canceled a special saturday opening to issue marriage licenses in ogden

teenage marriages are considerably less stable than those that take place when couples are in their early to mid 20s

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working less than 30 hours a week at a given job so employers don't have to pay their health coverage

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they were last seen very early saturday by a sheriff deputy who discovered them praying in their parked vehicles outside of a palmdale high school

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a airline passenger who used a racial slur when he slapped a crying toddler on a flight has been sentenced to eight months in prison

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