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the spread of syphilis is a metaphor for the spread of other sexually transmitted infections and untreated syphilis will amplify the spread of hiv as well

at no point of time she had described the sexual act or said anything that could arouse sexual desires in the mind of a reasonable and prudent reader

how can i make my son understand that this child is his responsibility and he needs to step up and be a dad

i had been working with a couple on the concept of making amends and offering one another sincere apologies for ways in which they have hurt one another

both of these outlets afford young people the opportunity to take part in activities within and outside the church with other christians and responsible christian adult advisers

the 62 year old singer's still powerful vocals stand out even though some of the song choices are less inspiring paul mccartney's

in your view it will come down to businesses abandoning the brick and mortar model for the food truck or food bus or food semi truck model

couples who begin living together without being married tend to be younger than those who move in after the wedding ceremony that's why cohabitation seemed to predict divorce

the number and type of vehicles that are to be insured will determine how much the rate should be raised

an incentive might be a chocolate m on the plate of each child that appears after you count to three

but relevant magazine made a daring move this month when it printed a blogger's confession about how his addiction to pornography affected his marriage

your whole statement is nothing but rhetoric and unassociated words strung together meaning nothing and reading like the gibberish it is under the best of conditions

should be allowed to declare civil partnership status through the state in order to obtain benefits available to the rest of us

i have a short brick wall on my patio not sure why it there but it comes in handy that i use for these

a three judge panel of the 11th us circuit court of appeals in atlanta ruled that jarretta hamilton's lawsuit against southland christian school in st

someone must be willing to help catholic singles wrestle with questions about what god wants them to do with their lives

the next strip of talk linked the lack of impulse control in spending to out of control behaviour in other areas

between her fresh take on pop music and the copycat culture of hollywood to her smash hit royals being called racist it not not everything is racist

armstrong was graduating from bartlett as valedictorian and writing in the school yearbook that she was going to become united states attorney general

heather mcqueer of haines city said she is proof that abstinence vows can withstand the barrages of adolescent hormones and a sex saturated culture

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