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i finally snapped when i read her story about the one time she was tempted to stoop to sexual congress

the anti choice movement says it's concerned with the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and promiscuity vis vis contraceptive health for women

am i to understand that we are talking of the philippine reproductive health bill which is being strongly opposed by the catholic church

that came out in full force after the new york jets announced they had cut backup to the backup's backup quarterback

another famous woman tennis legend martina navratilova renewed public attention to the disease this week with her announcement that she has breast cancer

he originally thought if he could neutralize the enemy and talked down to zess former good friend on the opposing side

the only thing that can stand between your dream day and reality are a set of rules referred to as

other advocates of same sex marriage point to the high rate of divorce in heterosexual marriages since marriages in general are being torn apart

fewer than one in ten members of the class of 2000 ascribe these suicide attempts as reactions to specific crises

nearly half of people between 25 and 40 have at some point set up a joint household with a member of the opposite sex outside of marriage

as the apocalypse is ampt up humans are not only dying but they are also turning on eachother and solidifying a place for themselves in hell based on this episode

parents going through a grieving process may fear losing control because of the depression and other symptoms that are normal aspects of grief

gynaecologist dr hasmukh shah says people need to understand that being embarrassed to ask for a condom is a very small price to pay

phoenix arizona law firm has strong and experienced networks of specialist family lawyers that covers a wide range of family and relationship matters

survivor of breast ironing julie ndjessa standing speaks to teenage girls about breast ironing and rape during a weekly education session in her family living room in douala

the expansion strategy is in an advanced state of planning and we hope to be completing implementation by the end of 2012

catherine cohan of pennsylvania state university conducted an eye opening study that compared the marriages of people who had cohabited with those who had not

the students are held accountable because the awarding of their diploma depends on their score which is based on a world wide pool

promotion of sex before marriage merges with pressures to delay marrying to fulfill career goals or make supposedly mature decisions about a mate

fifty eight percent of mormons say the best kind of marriage is one with a husband as provider and a wife to care for the house and children

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