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no less than 62 per cent of the males polled confessed that they had sex only once or twice a month

one of the few truly scientific studies that has been done on the radical changes to the structure of society's most basic unit

' a woman with ten casual sex partners before marriage you will more than likely be perceived as a ho

a big part of the expansion of the show was the building of the new houses and shop units on the other side of the street

spontaneous celebrations broke out throughout many neighborhoods in new york city when the new york state senate voted for same sex marriage

but i would rather they know about condoms and other forms of birth control so that they don get pregnant or sick with an std

to assert that it good or evil implies that the level of goodness or lack thereof can somehow be measured directly from the act of having sex

even couples who live together out of wedlock will not escape the harsh new rules and could be imprisoned for one year if caught in amorous congress

very few among the annual jackaroo and jillaroo intake return for a second or third year of chasing cattle from dawn till dusk

garth wright told the teens she watched as neighbors and classmates even those with brains and bright futures succumbed to drugs

open ended interview was the most appropriate form because i was often asking them about deeply personal issues such as conversion

the town would pressure the marriagebirth control was basically non existent for married couples but some prostitutes used early contraceptives

couples were going into marriage not understanding each other's personality styles as well as who they were as people under stress

has been due in large part to natural cyclical changes in climate following what is now thought to have been the coldest spell in the last 5

the garden site includes a koi pond fed by two brooks and several parrots that will pose with the happy couple

poor turn outso while the nss may like to describe its campaign supported by the union hrd ministry and wholly funded by the who as an

studies have show that fgc is most accepted by people unfamiliar with the dangerous health side effects of the operation thomas

if a major point of the bush era war on terror was to keep iraq and iran from giving nukes to terrorists within a few years

photos of the wreck show a copy of parents magazine on the floorboard with an article on tips for dads to cuddle with their babies

one of her researches indicated that the percentage of people having premarital sex in beijing has jumped from under 16 in 1989 to over 60 in 2004

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