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as there is a student development class that is mandatory for people on honor code probation called life planning and decision making

garth wright told the teens she watched as neighbors and classmates even those with brains and bright futures succumbed to drugs

but the son of an amish family in georgetown in southern lancaster county departed a little from tradition after he learned he was due for heart bypass surgery

the first part gives anoverview of how kenyan africans understand their spiritual heritage in relation to the themeof this paper

and when daniel is not advising premarital couples about their sex lives and honoring a woman who has been taken off life support

it may even be that you would be waiting for the bishop to declare that your boyfriend had truly paid penance for his indiscretions

star brigham young basketball player whose team was heading toward its first final four ever until it emerged that he had violated the mormon school's strict honor code

the linda vista resident counseled and shared the gospel with everyone from newly engaged couples to troubled youth in churches and the county's juvenile detention facility

the therapist here will try to help you learn to express your anger in a healthy way by using different techniques

walk away hand in hand from the ogden clerk and auditor's office after it canceled a special saturday opening to issue marriage licenses in ogden

the play tells the story of a paralysed elvis presley impersonator and his family as they learn to cope with the aftermath of the situation

christians have a moral obligation to be compassionate to all children who do not practice this value and as a result may end up with various serious problems

had also asked the board not to offer counselling or advice to students regarding the vaccine on school property during the 2007 08 school year

the aim of this study was to investigate the attitudes and awareness of the target population in the netherlands regarding consanguinity and its associated reproductive risk

which requires physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at an adequately equipped hospital within 30 miles of the place where the abortion is performed

young adults have an especially great need for accurate information about how to protect themselves against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections

researchers interviewed each participant within six months after marriage the average age at marriage was 27 for men and 25 for women and then every six months for four years

a group of students placed a full page advertisement in the campus newspaper describing the films and saying they were

do not want the public face of this story the one where i will be remembered solely as a presidential plaything to define me

the open sex culture adored in the media and online environments have translated into incredible sexual liberties at the high school level

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