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she is believed to have hired diana's attorney to negotiate a much bigger divorce settlement after dealing with crushing debt

the most obvious case is when only one partner in a marriage seeks counseling about the marriage while both are members of the church

the court further holds that if the conjugal rights for sexual consummation are not fulfilled then such a marriage is deemed to be a failure

and i realize that deciding not to take on the responsibility of raising children allowed me to pursue other goals that have equal or more meaning to me

i find it pathetic that this guy can't suck it up and tell his girlfriend that he's interested in having sex with men

i've been at high school sporting events for 25 and the best i can say is that an enthusiastic opposing fan section just makes the game more fun fun

but she would be wrong to marry him unless she wants to make a farce in the name of marriage

news that 17 girls at a massachusetts high school became pregnant this year is raising questions about whether pregnancy has become something alluring to teens

he destroys his happiness by opening the forbidden door and hence finds himself back in the city of concrete reality

california investigators plan to test dna from a potential suspect in the 2004 slayings of ottawa county native jason allen and his fiancee

ophthalmia neonatorum was the major preventable cause of visual loss in five children and glaucoma and or buphthalmos in nine children

when i was pregnant with our 5th child i had a lot of anxieties about having another baby so soon after our son

meyer says she didn't set out to write young adult novels but just naturally set her story at a high school

suffice it to say that a well placed word by mary's husband helps mary understand that the acronym for her group's original name might need rethinking

i think it is somebody who is being very creative and taking advantage of a need that has to be met on a campus

former college football star reno mahe was similarly suspended for breaking with the code when his girlfriend at the time got pregnant

which dragged on until earlier this year when the bush administration itself decided to get involved and passed the family movie act

for the more than 60 percent of americans who live together before their first marriage some experts say it's closer to 85 percent

i feel that the tools we learned in our premarital counseling have significantly helped us through these trying times as our 'baseline' has disappeared

his answers emphasized building camaraderie and trust with teachers and administrators in order to have honest conversations about instructional successes and failures

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