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how can rabbi gotlieb preach the morality of premarital sex without mentioning the millions of children and immortal souls thus created

an alpha male knows that the clothes make the man and while he would never be overly concerned about trivial things like fashion

mark s an church and the members for standing up against the evangelical an church in america s unforgivable decision on the gay issue

expecting her to freak out she even brings a note from her doctor confirming that she did not have premarital sex

a key element of the defense strategy suggests that the mcdonnells could not have conspired because they were barely speaking to each other

an eight year old afghan girl wearing a suicide vest has been detained after apparently being sent on a death mission by her older brother

google this month overhauled its privacy policy to enable the company to compile individual dossiers on its logged in users' activities on more than 60 different services

it seems like we have a church who pushes its members to abort some of their children in ways that would probably not be possible if done by a secular organisation

we cannot reverse the senseless violence that resulted in april's death but we can invest in the lives of her innocent children that are paying the price for it

i not marrying anything that has to live with me or his parents to get by me some godly responsibility before i sign my life over

34 percent of women reported consuming at least 12 standard drinks1 during the previous year compared with 56 percent of men 1

abstinence proponents seem to blame sex education more than premarital sex itself for four decades of increases in teen pregnancy

our public policy committee works tirelessly to identify the issues of highest priority to our business community and to act on their behalf

why would an eighteen year old indian girl belonging to a metro city not wanna get into a relationship just because her friends haven had su

it was a short step from love being important in marriage to a lack of love in marriage justifying relationships outside marriage

such psychotherapy always helps the young people to decide much better career prospective due to getting therapy as per their efficiency and skills

it is essential for a couple to identify each other's opinions and thoughts and to determine avenues of tension which may add constant tension to the relationship

i told her that i did not concur and that addressing his depression would be better than simply giving him a lethal prescription

100 million a year for the next five years providing couples with marital and premarital education and counseling to help them develop and sustain marriages

just that one has the discipline to acknowledge the value of their body and the value of sex and act accordingly

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