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shouldn't a couple be allowed to keep the money they earned and divide the money fairly so both can move on in life

it is allowing school nurses and health centers to give condoms next year to middle school and high school students

supreme court to step in and put a halt to gay marriages while they appeal a federal judge's ruling overturning the ban

a miracle mum who has undergone multiple operations to rebuild her skull after a road smash that claimed her baby daughter's life was today hailed a hero

other experts feel that being honest with your children about your past can be a meaningful and powerful way to bond with children

you would identify maybe eight women that you might be interested in with the ultimate objective of choosing one to go steady with

but african catholics say they don't want an african cardinal to be given special consideration for the papacy just because he is black

you push a button for the kind of news or information you want and it comes in on your screen

but the poll statistics belie the personal and pastoral struggles over humanae vitae that continue in silence and in private

all you need is a remote control and the wherewithal to scan spoof titles such as bonfire of the panties

no problem to tell me i am wrong but just not in front of them and not while we're arguing

but i did not see one reference to the extreme importance of not getting pregnant unless the baby will be cared for in the womb

this was and is more due to cultural matters than a cause of what is actually said in the bible

an islamic court overturned the conviction of an illiterate mother who had been sentenced to be stoned to death for having sex out of wedlock

the realities of working class life intruded women's situation in the labor force and family undercut their social freedom and treating underscored their material dependency

it's time the nfl and the owners forgot about jackson and started letting women and people under 40 back on stage

we have found the process to be very helpful to young people who may not understand what it means to have a partnership

church wedding coordinators book the facilities usually a year to six months in advance and provide timelines for couples to arrange for music

a catchall term that criminalized everything from premarital sex to dancing with members of the other sex and listening to western music

the byu basketball program moves to the west coast conference next season and utah is moving to the expanded pac 12

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