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these actions show that the religious right is now calling in its chips with president bush and bush is delivering

phil williams r rainbow city says this would give couples the chance to choose family values and a stronger marriage

but i think this quote by the venerable fulton j sheen perfectly sums up why church teachings aren about being

a 14 year old muslim girl who married a 23 year old teacher in july participated in mass wedding celebrations attended

which noted that in the past 10 months there was a dramatic increase in the number of young urban professionals affected by hiv

21 the supreme court of virginia found the commonwealth's unenforced law making fornication sex between unmarried persons unconstitutional in martin v

because the law says abstinence should be emphasized and the other programs lay it out like it's just one choice on the smorgasbord

couples typically focus on their relationship and plans for building a strong marriage significant topics that make the unfinished seating arrangements seem less catastrophic

chris wants to leave his long term girlfriend for the woman he met before christmas the woman he's since begun to think of as the true love of his life

the head of the military religious freedom foundation and a former air force officer whose outspokenness has won him scorn and death threats

ending his 26 year marriage to pryce and leading her to reveal the speeding points swap to newspapers in a bid to

9 of svi in children was attributed to vitamin a deficiency and was not a major cause of svi this study also found a low rate of rubella 0

the child grows up with insecurity and the mother loses interest in the child as a result of the failures and depression

interestingly the same survey revealed that 68 per cent of people in jaipur said the frequency of lovemaking had not gone down in the last five years

do you think that not offering this alternative of a possibility of an abortion in your state is the way to deal with these teen pregnancies

gries said the group would hire staffers and increase the number and type of premarital and marriage enrichment programs it offers

the surprise baby crisis they had was worked through rather than being something that was going to split them up

most of my friends who went to catholic school had already either decided whether or not they would put up with the church bs long before that age

conference of catholic bishops commissioned to look into the causes and context of the sexual abuse of minors by the church's clergy

sure i may be a little closed minded about this and what my answer is but it like what if my future wife is

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