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there's no way in the world we can avoid talking about sex because we see the devastation it does in our community

we'll find the only people who get married in a church are those who have a personal connection with that church

eastern biotech is delighted to receive such a prestigious award as it recognizes our sharp focus on offering innovative products on genetic testing and genetic counseling

the explicitexpression of love and commitment prior to sexual involve ment in a dating relationship inuenced the personal andrelational meaning of the event

cnn brigham young university officials on thursday stood by the decision to dismiss a standout player on the cougars' highly ranked men's basketball team

this paper analyses the very successful popular youth magazine bravo as a central element of the west german youth culture

a sampling of opinion on the streets of cairo found widespread acceptance of a double standard that is hardly restricted to the arab world

house speaker joe hackney wouldn't commit when asked if he thought the bill would come up for vote on the house floor

does religion cheapen or de legitimize itself if it recognizes that there are standards of behavior that are less than ideal which are also acceptable

suggesting that while catholics accept the rights of same sex couples to be together there may be resistance to couples joined in what many see as a sacred rite

maybe he never mentioned that not only does his beloved dog shed like crazy but also has a voracious appetite for shoes after her favorite pair of ferragamos are history

there were the extended family there to support and teach them to be responsible while growing up to be an adult

it is very important to move away from the daily grind and fast paced life so as to give each other one more opportunity to revive this relationship

children and parentingthe best way to open a discussion about children and parenting is to talk about your own childhood and how you were raised

but i do see how it could seem hypocritcal for me to give even the appearance of my actions being ungodly

from this scale of sexual sin one can see how large must be the number of illegitimate children in the world

the laurens county republicans wanted to make it clear that they won just associate with just any kind of republican

and whatever else function at a reasonable level this world to know and understand if and when they are being lied to

i wish gaylon alcaraz would redirect her wonderful talents and resources to the reduction of premarital sex and the adoption of children instead of abortion

a rabbi and a priest can be found to perform the ceremony at a nondenominational chapel where the dignity and spirituality of both religions are combined

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