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anyone who doubts that george bush means to be a very different kind of president has only to look to the words and the tone of bush's inaugural address

and mostly give yourself time to know your partner and develop problems so that you can see how they react to life's stresses

and before i hear or i belong to a lineage that was heavily looked down upon and is still discriminated against

a significant number of inmates' innocence claims are ignored when they are denied dna tests or new trials on significant post conviction evidence

the catholic bishops met to map out priorities for missionary work and social action in a region blighted by poverty

i think the level of sexual activity should be decided between the couple keeping in mind baha law and the customs of the country they live in

suspended byu sophomore power forward brandon davies has made the trip to new orleans and will be with the team for thursday night's game

parents of students at cardinal newman high school in santa rosa said they planned to request a similar exemption for teachers at that school

health officials decided to get rid of scheduled drop in clinics and asked parents to make appointments with the nearest community health centres

you should know going into the marriage that he'll always crave a more understanding partner who trusts him enough not to be cruel

decision in any giving union man or woman should be mutual and reciprocal with due consciousness on its legal implications

nearly a dozen athletes in austin both men and women still say they were closer to neal than to their fathers

festivalgoers will drink in the weird and the whimsical sights include a 125 foot animated daisy that interacts with the audience

haig felt undermined by what he perceived to be a lot of posturing and backstairs maneuvering by the white house

i'm just trying to explain that it's hard for us to talk on the same level because you don't have god's spirit

and was then cursed by ra she would never be able to bear her children on any month of the 360 day year

legislation at this time was directed towards better protecting women against possible harm from their husbands instead of granting them equality

a make sure that you are both feeling the same way on the important things that will affect you and your children down the road

poor turn outso while the nss may like to describe its campaign supported by the union hrd ministry and wholly funded by the who as an

has received a punishment that is harsh because it is designed to maintain an illusion as much as to punish

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