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the process of making a decision sets up couples to make stronger commitments with better follow through as they live them out

said the schools are ''not in a position to provide individual education programs to students whose parents want us to omit communism

a computer disc containing photos of damon gregory wife posing near the vehicle surfaced at the franklin county sheriff office

the debate over possible cuts is casting light on statistics that in part explain why so many jacksonville infants die before their first birthdays

if a property owners association by laws state that the only people that can come before the board is the property owner an

the latter expression has fallen from favor because of overuse by hypocritical politicians who touted family values but didn't bother to live by them

and expressed hope that society would not look askance at the small minority that chooses to remain abstinent before marriage

it can become harder to form the bond and will affect your relationship with your spouse when you finally settle down and get married

10 million to the fan you must be 21 or older to enter this contest who correctly predicts the first round of the nfl draft

i know what alcohol does to a lot of families because some people are predisposed to go too far and do things they wish they didnt do

christians should ask themselves if they are ready to step out in faith and trust god in all areas of their life

i wanted to go back to them and say 'i apologize' because you do not know until you get married what's going on

the promise of the restoration of a wife should be seen in context of the restoration of the other items in the list

helps free human thought of the purely physical and bring to light man's higher nature the ''new man'' of whom the new testament speaks

the constitution question was already blowing up online and o who spent most of her life doing public relations work

the agreement has to be fair and reasonable both at the time it was entered into and in the future

those who oppose the vaccine claim that it's not needed if teens do not engage in premarital sex and vaccinating our daughters therefore gives them permission to have sex

what tears a lot of marriages apart is that either the husband or the wife does not separate fully from their family

police busted a restaurant they say doubled as a methamphetamine lab and said food may have been cooked with some of the same utensils used to produce drugs

wallerstein and this time she looks at the emotions side and offers advice on how to deal with the breakup

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