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i don myself think that you can say that people have to be married for it not to be evil

those who'd had sex before age 16 were 10 plus percentage points more likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who'd waited

there are premarital programs offered by catholic and other churches that are incredibly beneficial and that truly do strive to prepare young people for long lasting

ill try to treat the dirty laundry and personal intimacies that i uncover with a measure of respect and discretion

an aspect in the social contract of christian parents is to teach their church's moral values to their children in their homes

no theological or scientific discovery if there can be such a thing as a theological discovery can ever make the catholic religion any less the only means of salvation

gained notoriety in the state after a herd of domestic elk at his eastern idaho hunting ranch escaped in 2006

many nutritionists believe that the way to correct the allergies is to have the person eliminate these foods from the diet

and when i've had a bad day nothing in the world makes me feel better than curling up on the couch with my kids and watching a cartoon

those debates and the issues involved are a critical and defining part of our contemporary dialogue about where this nation is headed now and how it gets there

animal research suggests that women's increased risk for liver damage may be linked to physiological effects of the female reproductive hormone estrogen 13

should be allowed to declare civil partnership status through the state in order to obtain benefits available to the rest of us

we're going to be married one day it makes no sense to save ourselves for ourselves when we're already married in our hearts

teaching visitors to the site about changes you can make in your relationship without having to come in for therapy

the older and wiser we become most of us look back and wonder how we ever believed that we were going to actually marry someone we met during our early teens

of the idea that prospective spouses via a premarital agreement a contract made in anticipation of marriage that specifies the rights and obligations of the parties

whose children never joined other neighborhood kids in play and who often held late night multigenerational gatherings in her home

representing what is right from the point of view of the patriarchal upper castes and what is right from the point of view of various dalit and tribal groups

he said that while women were killed in the past if blood was not found on the sheets after their wedding night

one of the biggest obstacles stephanie has come across was the realization that she cannot emotionally rely on her parents and family as much as she did before

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