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but i'm utterly heartbroken that my 22 year old son has vowed to marry a girl he met in college less than a year ago

you would have to be inclined to believe that you could lead some sinful lifestyle without being stripped of any of your christian credentials

it still asks countries to explain themselves if they spend less than half of their prevention funds on abstinence and fidelity projects

but actually when you engage in sex without a committed partner having one night stands or only keeping a partner for a few weeks before moving on to another one

wonders how a party that opposes abortion rights can invoke a leave this family alone mantra on a reproductive issue

there would no doubt be a great majority who felt their parents rules or society rules were just to old and need to be rethought

we all know the scientific fact that the heart begins beating by 6 weeks and brain waves can be detected

the steady increase over several decades and the sharp rise in recent years indicates that uncertainty about marriage and commitment is making a marked demographic impact

8 million study prepared by the john jay college of criminal justice on the subject of sexual abuse by catholic priests

opponents counter that the regulation is constitutionally questionable and contravenes provisions congress inserted into the pentagon's last two budgets requiring the military to

if we needed a reminder that america is really two nations or more like 50 headstrong state flags knitted into one

her overtly sexual videos on mtv caused many parents to accuse her of promoting premarital sex and they tried to make her a scapegoat for declining family values

yet in the faint and distant past lies a time when it seemed to be universally understood that fornication was wrong

said the ruling was irrelevant because the two sides had recently agreed on a settlement that should be signed by the end of next week

princeton ethicist peter singer made the connection between the torture of prisoners at abu ghraib and the torture of chickens at moorefield

it's time to speak honestly about sex because abstinence campaigns and anti abortion crusades often aren't resonating in their own pews

and threatening suicide to being a devout roman catholic mother of seven that has been happily married for 30 years

the fleet fingered instrumentalist and savvy vocalist pizzarelli reminded the packed crowd that he first appeared at jazz alley in the early 1990s

5 whether the property can be liquidated and divided and 6 either spouse's attempt to hide or deliberately waste assets

nowadays the rate of divorce as found by examining the are substantially on a peak thereby leaving a question in the minds of many

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