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what is even the most remarkable is that with all the praise heaped on this particular device by the experts in the story

the sensible thing to do would be to lock down the borders now and grant an opportunity to persue citizenship to those who are here

the best advice i could give anyone who is beginning a marriage is to always strive to keep your spouse's love tank full

the students would not get the aid if they were not going to college it not like an auto loan

paved the way for today's sexual revolution because it destroyed traditional values and conditioned people to say one thing and do another

the study by the egyptian center for women's rights showed that 83 percent of egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women surveyed said they are sexually harassed

i ejaculate very soon and i have an undercurrent in my mind that i may lose my erection any time

generation gap can result in lack of understanding between the two partners and this may result in either of the partners finding solace with a third person

the plano chamber fundamental purpose is to create and sustain a competitive advantage for businesses in the city of plano and the north texas region

when it comes to marriage it is very important that you share similar views about the major questions of life

you see likenesses in their attitudes and actions that feel extremely close to home and you recognize that every mistake you ever made is about to come full circle

has said that we set a great goal that unborn children should be welcomed in life and protected in law

our premium e lixirs are hand crafted by our very own mixologist who has studied culinary arts and spent the last four years perfecting his mixes

he doesn want you to have sex with someone your not married to because it is unwise for you and could cause many problems for you later

what viewers may not see on national geographic channel is how tough scouting can be for gay teens who serve among boy scouts of america ranks

pilgrim's pride recalled 27 million pounds of meat after one of its plants was thought to be the source of

wlfi just one week ago jim smith and jim mailloux were a part of history as they became one of the first same sex couples to marry in tippecanoe county

the very first words of the bill of rights guarantee that congress interpreted to mean any level of government favor no particular religion

members of the diocese of evansville were part of a march that included hundreds of thousands of protesters from all over the country and all walks of life

i stumbled across a series of irreverent emails from the intern to another lawyer one my dad is friends with making fun of my dad

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