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herald square at the corner of west 35th street and avenue of the americas will be taken over by grilling

a banquet hall can support around five hundred people and offers the area required for all of the regular wedding ceremony activities which include dancing

so i can only feel remorse as i watch the spectacle of the hypocrisy in which the church finds itself embroiled

no problem to tell me i am wrong but just not in front of them and not while we're arguing

but the poll statistics belie the personal and pastoral struggles over humanae vitae that continue in silence and in private

get familiar with the following tools should you find yourself in an uncomfortable emotional place during the course of your process

and people in the pro marriage movement are coalescing around an updated idea that chastity is the very salvation of society

000 women who carry the virus give birth each year and that 9 out of 10 of their newborns become hepatitis b carriers

there is no set format for a prenuptial agreement and the terms may vary dramatically depending on the circumstances of the parties at the time

read on to find out how to prepare and what steps to take to get a worship music ministry up and running

i accomplished more things in the past two years of being an atheist than i had ever hoped for in my life being a christian believer

the stigma of unmarried sex and the fear of parental disapproval were enough to stop many women from obtaining it

on tuesday the food and drug administration ordered retailers to offer the emergency contraceptive plan b one step as an over the counter option the latest ruling in a long battle

a man who wants to be with you will spend time with you in a variety of places both publicly and privately

either she was lost in a state of oblivion or i was in a place that only small children perceive

it published a document by a trained philosopher who explores and amplifies a historic church position that faith and reason cannot be separated

perhaps your love for this person who has hurt you blinded you from the truth of how they really are

god was changing my heart and i knew that i could not expect him to bless our marriage if i did not give our relationship totally over to him

i was being laughed at and it was so childlike and contagious that i couldn help but laugh at myself

i don know how a priest who supposedly taken a vow of poverty is able to bond out to the tune of

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