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those debates and the issues involved are a critical and defining part of our contemporary dialogue about where this nation is headed now and how it gets there

rebellious attitudes and the adoption of counterculture values in the 1960s had sharp age boundaries and strong ties to college campuses

one way would be to pick the first combination of a couple having sex where neither of them are married

sitting in chairs for most of the day shortens the pelvic floor and psoas muscles muscles which are essential to a full body orgasm

the 21 year old study actually found that the most enjoyable and most frequent sex occurring among married people was between those who attended church weekly any church

the scores this year have been particularly impressive and i am delighted that trevor has been awarded the title of 'nissan master technician'

halting a frantic search for the five adults and eight children who went missing after writing letters to family members saying goodbye

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what it means when it says that eve was seduced by satan

they tend to view their faith as private and are unaccustomed to discussing the content of their faith in public

drawing out gives you the chance to see how practical you can make the space without losing the open space to a cluttered look

their criticism was made formal at the 82nd annual meeting of the american anthropological association the next month in chicago

a policy of voiding laws when they reflect controversial religious or moral judgments would mean the end of representative government as we know it

i think the main difficulty with turner's model is his view that communitas is an absence or near absence of structure

learned a harsh lesson about gay rights in march when it announced it would no longer define marriage as between a man and a woman in its employee conduct manual

the general assembly met today to continue its high level meeting on a comprehensive review of the progress achieved in realizing the declaration of commitment on hiv

since he had not been elected either president or vice president named by nixon to fill the void left by former vice president spiro agnew

and continence that also refers to the sexual behaviour of a man or woman acceptable to the moral standards and guidelines of a culture

the alberta medical association said friday the vaccine is safe and effective and applauded the province for introducing the program

'' the pope deemed it permissible to follow the body's ''natural rhythms'' by limiting sexual intercourse to the infertile days of the month

coons cited the recent landmark supreme court decision making it easier for corporations and unions to spend money in elections

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