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when we decided to move in together we also decided to stop having intercourse until we decide to get married

neither i nor my husband makes substantial money but i plan on being a psychologist and i am sure that i will earn more than my husband

lying star witness for the government who is trading his testimony against the mcdonnells for a guarantee against prosecution for wrongdoing

only one of my friends knew because i needed to work out what i would do for myself before i let anyone's opinion affect my decision

her version stands as a highlight and adds a dose of beauty not necessarily found in the still quite enjoyable original version

one could easily argue that jesus' silence on this topic was evidence that he agreed with the traditional jewish view

there is also a rising chorus of calls for pepfar to expand its remit beyond hiv and begin providing services such as maternal care

some of the biggest arguments over money result when one partner wants to spend money on something the other doesn't approve of

i was dutifully christened as an infant and received my first holy communion after driving the nuns crazy with my seven year old observations

encouraging sex in the right context is not just about not getting diseases but life long bonds and stronghold are created through premarital sex

another common reason a prenup would not stand up in court is if one party signed under duress and later contested on those grounds

the first qiestion out of your mouth when you interviewed the atty to see if you wanted to hire him

actor hrithik roshan goes to a comedy show to promote his film and the women in the audience clamour for his shirtless body

one could easily deduce that couples with two legs each get divorced at higher rate than couples that have one leg each

first agreeing that talking about palin's daughter was off limits and then spending the next five paragraphs talking about it

so our resident mr know it all says that we must discard anything remotely related to religion and to try living his way

1 the massachusetts supreme judicial court unanimously set aside the conviction for exhibiting contraceptives on the ground that it violated baird's first amendment rights

the amfar gala is one of the highlights of the cannes film festival attracting support from global stars such as sharon stone

course to strengthen your relationship through multimedia presentations and skill building exercises that are supported by over 30 years of scientific research

while the relevant inquiry may be aided by resort to one or more of the provisions of the bill of rights

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